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Your Asphalt Paving Company in the Annapolis, Maryland Area

For three generations, Samco Paving has been the Annapolis area's source for high quality asphalt paving, asphalt repair, and related services. Ask anyone about our outstanding reputation!

Asphalt Paving is affordable!

Asphalt Paving can be 30%-40% cheaper than concrete. Asphalt paving requires very little maintenance, and if installed properly, can last 20-25 years!  Unlike pavers and concrete, you can de-ice and apply salt without damage. Asphalt paving is flexible and is less likely to crack.

Your parking lot or driveway are usually the first thing visitors see when arriving so the curb appeal is very important.  What we hear from customers: "I thought it was going to cost a lot more than this!"

We pave small driveways, large parking lots and anything in between!

Samco Paving provides outstanding services and quality workmanship. Whether you need residential asphalt paving or commercial asphalt paving, Samco has the expertise and equiptment to get any size paving job done!

"No asphalt paving or repair job too big or too small!"

See some of our top quality projects in our asphalt paving gallery or fill out the form to the right on any page to get a quick and free quote on your paving project.

Need other services? We also do repairsealcoatingcrackfillingdriveway stone and a host of other asphalt paving services.


*Is there a better time of year to install an asphalt driveway? 
We can usually install year-round if the temperature and ground conditions are adequate. Winter months, January and February can be challenging for installation, sometimes it's a game-time decision.
*How long does it typically take to pave a new driveway?
Most driveways can be done in one to two days depending on the preparation involved and the size of the area.
*How long will my new driveway last?
Properly installed and maintained a new driveway should last 20-25 years.
*How long before I can park on my new driveway?
24-48 hours.
*Do we warranty our driveways that we install? 
Absolutely!   2 years
*I see some tire scuff marks on my new driveway, will they go away? is that normal? 
Yes --- totally normal and yes they will go away, no big deal, but try to avoid setting in one spot and turning your wheels the first year or so.
*What are some benefits of asphalt paving versus other types of paving?
Asphalt paving is easily repaired, usually costs less than other pavements, and is heavily recycled!
*What are some ways I can take care of my beautiful new driveway?
If you have a lot of wiregrass, Keep the edges sprayed with a health- and environmentally-appropriate herbicide. Also, your new driveway should be backfilled around the edges with topsoil or other suitable material. This will help strengthen and support the edges of your awesome new driveway!

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